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Nature amber

  • He is 40 to 120 million years old.
  • Amber was formerly resin of pine/ cedar like trees.
  • In the river of the Baltic Sea, the resin was fossilised by constant repositioning and the pressure of the water.
  • Up to 400 different colours and shades are found; from the typical cognac colour to white to black or yellow and brown beige or rather red and blue or green and many other colours more.
  • The natural amber is now rarely found on the beach of the Baltic Sea but up to ten kilometres inbound he is found in about one hundred meters deep.
  • Two different types can be distinguished: the clear transparent amber and the murky amber.
  • Amber inclusions / inclusions in amber - Only in clear amber you can find animal and plant inclusions or air and water inclusions.
  • By heating in the so-called autoclave the amber gets sandable.
  • It is usually cut and polished by hand.
  • It can also be (inter alia mechanical) processed in a sanding wheel with appropriate supplements such as grinding paste, inter alia machine be processed.


Something about the history of amber.

Amber with insect

  • At all times amber has had a fascinating effect on people.
  • On the one hand because of the many colours and forms and also because the amber holds animal parts or parts of plants or rather water droplets or air inclusions from prehistoric times - so-called inclusions.
  • In the Middle Ages the Romans bought the "Baltic gold" or the gold of the North in the land of the Germans.Above all, the nobles gave each other amber jewellery or art.
  • It was a special gift because only the rich were able to afford something.
  • In the Middle Ages a gram of amber cost a gram of gold.
  • About three thousand years ago already the pharaohs acquired it and wore the amber as jewellery or gave him deceased Pharaohs in the colourful Tumba in the pyramid.



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