Amber Museum Nürnberg / Germany


Amber in Nürnberg / Germany - you must have seen!

Amber Museum

For over 25 years ambers were integrated in different colours and sizes in the museum. It is one of the largest in Bavaria,

especially as amber artefacts - antique and modern are included.
The attraction is an amber with a weight of 12.410 kg.

In addition, visitors can get informed about the different inclusions: animals, plants and forest inclusions information from prehistoric times.

A portable water drop, 120 million years old, is the "crowning"!

The visitors also show a big interest in the following ambers and amber arts:


  • Amber with the footprint of a marsupial;
  • Amber with the dental impression of a monkey;


Amber - apple

  • Amber with an emblem of New York: A bitten apple;



    • 50 to 3000 year old antique amber art and jewellery.


    Amber - Antique Art

  • 50 to 3000 year old antique amber art and jewellery.

    How to find us

    The Nürnberg Amber Museum
    Breite Gasse 40


    open from Monday to Saturday 11.00- 18.00 o’clock.

    Sundays and holidays closed

    Admission is free!